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Why do I need RSS?

» Deliver you message directly to your prospects' desktops!

» Forget strict SPAM filters - your message always gets through!

» Don't beg for email addresses - people will cry for news from you!

» Make the most savvy Internet surfers listen to you!

» Publish and deliver your news message instantly!

» Sneak into major search engines automatically in no time!

» Boost your search engine rankings and receive massive traffic!

» Just watch people link to your site and your RSS Channel like crazy!

» Gain advantage - use RSS ahead of your competitors!

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» RSS made Simple: create your RSS using our 3-step web-based Wizard

» Easy to use: no XML/XHTML/HTML skills required!

» Instant: your RSS Channel will be published in less than 5 minutes.

» Start Blogging: get a professional Web-Blog with your RSS channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RSS?

RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") is the newest way of spreading news. Technically it's a special XML file containing information that people can read using applications like RSS Readers and even web browsers or email clients! Click here to create your RSS Channel and spread the news!

Why do I need an RSS Channel?

Your RSS Channel is like a news broadcast service. People subscribe to your RSS and your information goes directly to them - it's like magic - your information appears on your readers' screens! Start broadcasting now!

Why do I need a Web Blog?

You can't afford not to have a Web Blog nowadays. You need your Blog to keep your web site up-to-date and attract quality readers. With HitRSS you Blog is being created auto-magically and you can add it to your web site in seconds! Read our Blog or create your own Blog with HitRSS!

I publish an email newsletter, do I still need RSS?

Just think about all those email filters, Spam blockers, Trojan horses, etc... It's really hard to pass them by and to get your email message delivered... even in an opt-in newsletter. RSS is different - it hits your readers' screen directly - and you can never be accused of spamming as it's your readers who subscribed to your RSS! Find out why RSS is better!

C'mon... nobody knows RSS or Blogs - so why use it?

Untrue - RSS is now hitting the mainstream. Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the big players publish their Blogs and RSS Channels. RSS support is built in new Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 7, Opera Browser, Mozilla Firefox Browser and Thunderbird Email Client. People know about RSS!

So who's reading RSS and Blogs nowadays?

Those who know RSS and Blogs are the cream of the crop from all Internet surfers. They are savvy, eager-to-buy, constantly-looking-for-new-goodies, technology-aware people who don't just go online to chat... they go online to buy! To BUY FROM YOU! Make it easy for them!

What about search engines?

Search engines love RSS Channels and Blogs and HitRSS-powered RSS Channels and Blogs are optimized for search engines! We even submit your RSS and Blog to all the major search engines for you! Boost your Google and Yahoo ranking and get more Traffic!

How will I know how many people read my RSS?

Just support our FREE service by purchasing HitRSS PRO subscription and you'll get access to all the statistics - you'll know exactly how many hits (update requests) as well as real readers are subscribing to your RSS feed! Get your HitRSS PRO account now!

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